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Our – Team Management

We often hear that team management is described as pearl set to an organization. But Organization feels that lack of coordination issues leads to the downfall in a growth of the company.

The most important factor in team management is – holding employees accountable

So, we believe that setting accountability to each team gives them a strength and clear fluffy stuff about their goal and they can concentrate on their work easily.


              Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress.

Working hard for something we love is called passion.

–    Simon Sinek

  1. Make employee stress-free

We make employees understand organization principles and expectations, So they will get to know what employees are expected to do and it makes them reach their goal abruptly.

As a responsibility, the employee should show what he had accomplished during every week to his/her manager.

  1. Immediate Feedback

Feedback is like Breakers on the road, we always want to drive at maximum speed but it is necessary to reduce speed before hitting anything suddenly – Breakers is nothing but a feedback from our manager who makes employee alert before going anything buggy.

It’s our – organization responsibility to give them feedback for their accomplished tasks, which makes them feel confident enough for their work – So an employee can grab those mistakes immediately if provided with feedback.feed-back

  1. Knowledge sharing & Ideation

Sharing knowledge sometimes gives us basic knowledge on the subject we do not know.

           A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

–    Father James Keller

In our organization- We conduct knowledge transferring sessions to get note an employee that what’s happening in our space. So, that individual employees act upon sharing their knowledge with respective teams as others do the same.

Employees have the choice of discussing on particular ideas if they want to implement, He/she can out their idea in the middle and people can discuss, Get suggestions, create debate on Pros & Con’s on their idea.

It is such startup space organization – No one can offer such a freedom to their employees rather than making them work full time and go.

  1. Fun time

Provided with freedom – We’d rather say, we are different in organizing fun sessions in our organization – for that, we hired Stress Manager to entertain us by conducting Indoor activities, outdoor activities on weekends.

We would proudly say that – we make our employees feel like they enjoy working with The Egghead Creative.


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