University of Cassino Travel Guide

Arrival to Airport

If you guys come by AirIndia, if the flight lands in the evening 7 PM, then it is somewhat difficult to catch the train from Rome Termini, since the last train to Cassino is available at 9.28PM and reaches Cassino by 11.40PM. Generally, students have to stay in the airport waiting for the hall till morning at 5 AM to take the bus from the Airport to Rome Termini, which takes 30-40Mins journey by Bus. Once you come out from the airport exit terminal, turn to the right and walk 100mtrs towards Bus station, where you can see Bus Services like, Terravision- which directly stops beside Rome Termini train station.
It costs you around 5-6 euros per person.

From Rome Termini-Train station

One can find Ticket vending machines every corner and change your machine language to English and purchase the ticket to CASSINO.

This costs you around 8.20 Euros per person.

And, once you purchase the ticket, you can find the Green egg-shaped box mounted on the walls, where you have to punch the ticket in order to validate the ticket, else ticket collector, may ask you to pay the fine.

This might be around 50-60 euros per person.

Arrival in Cassino

Once you arrive in cassino, you will find taxi’s outside the station.

they might charge you around 10-15 euros, no matter if you are 2-3 people, a taxi will charge for all people, if your luggage is more than they might ask you to pay extra.

Accommodation in Cassino

If you won’t get the accommodation in the campus once after your arrival, then you have to stay outside in the centre till you get accommodation in campus.

Generally, people here in cassino, won’t give accommodation on a monthly basis, since they opt for longterm like minimum 3-6months contract.

And even if you get a monthly basis accommodation in the centre, the costs start from 150-250 Euros per person and all bills might be inclusive or exclusive. Here, you won’t get a housing contract for a short term period for 1-2 months. Even though you get for 1-2 months, it won’t be valid to keep as a contract while applying for permesso.

If you take the accommodation for 1-year contract, you may get it for 120-160 Euros per person which is exclusive bills. Apart from that you have to pay one month advance as a security deposit.

If you take help from the real estate agent to search for your accommodation, then apart from the above charges, then the agency will take one month commission as service charge.

You can also find yourself accommodation in

and try to filter the properties and set to as “For Rent” and try to chat in the Italian Language with the help of google translator.

Another one is Facebook Market place, you can find the available flats or rooms for rent by setting your nearby radius using GPS location.

Things to do for mandatory

  • Apply for Codice Fiscale- Near Police station
    • Which is a tax code(Questura)
    • Permesso Kit
      • Take the kit from Poste Italiane in the centre
    • Marco da bollo Stamps
      • Take 2 stamps in Tabbacci in the centre which costs 16 euros each
    • Health Insurance
      • If you have health insurance valid in Europe took from India for 1 year then no need to take in Italy.
      • If you don’t have 1-year health insurance then you have to take the health insurance from Poste Italiane which costs you around 60 euros.
    • List of Photocopy documents required for Permesso Soggiorno
      • Codice Fiscale
      • Passport
      • Visa
      • Insurance
      • Forex card
      • Bank certificate which you kept for visa dropping
      • Permesso Kit
      • Admission copy attached with Marco Da Bollo from the university
      • Marco da bollo
      • Passport size photos – 2-4
  • CAFoffice
    • Submit the above list of documents in the CAF office, where they will fill the kit and gives you the filled form and take the photocopies of the above documents and put it in the kit.
      • Submit the kit in the Poste Italiane- where you have to pay a fee of 70 euros for permesso dropping and 30 euros for courier fee, totally a fee of 102 euros including taxes you have to pay for your permesso soggiorno card.
      • Once you submit the kit, they will give you the appointment in the Police station(Questura) after 15 days from the date of submission of your kit in the Poste Italiane.
      • You have to go on that date to submit your 2-3 copies of your documents which you kept in the kit along with 4 visa passport size photos and also have to give the biometrics.
      • Once you finish, they will give you a slip which reference number on it.
      • Frequently check your status online using the reference number online as “permesso soggiorno status check Italy” as a google search.
      • You will get the permesso card in 2-4 months, which they will intimate you by SMS, either you can also check online.
    • Registration in the University
      • Take all your original educational documents along with DOV and Pre-enrolment forms to the International Office for official enrolment.
      • Where you will get the GOMP account for every student to have a record of your details, marks, payment of fee, etc.
      • Save the username and password of the GOMP, this is also nothing but your EDUROAM-WIFI user name and password.
      • If you are the winner of scholarship then you have to pay a fee of 16-24 euros of tax only.
      • If you don’t have a scholarship then you have to pay the fee of 930 euros including taxes, which you can pay in 2 instalments.
      • Once you paid the fee, you have to go and collect the Libretto(report card Kind of) from office in the international office, where you have to give your Marco da Bollo to get your admission copy.

Sim Cards Networks

  • TRE
    • Costs you around 20-30 euros for first months including plan cost for India
    • From the second month, it costs 5 euros per month for your plan
  • TIM
    • Costs you around 25 euros for first months including plan cost for India
    • From the second month, it costs 10 euros per month for your plan
  • WIND

Open a Bank Account

List of banks in Cassino, Italy


External Banks for Multi-Use


It is an online bank, it has different plans ranging from Standard to Metal Card. While the standard is free account and all you need to do is just install the app and verify yourself with visa and give your address where your card needs to deliver.

  • Withdraw from any ATM up to 200 euros for ZERO transaction charges
  • Get instant payment notifications, see how much you spend each month on things like groceries and restaurants, and round up your card payments and round up your spare change.
  • You can maintain multiple currency accounts within your Revolut app, UK, EURO or Any other available accounts.
  • SIGNUP here to Receive FREE CARD

The bank account is mandatory for your scholarship since you have to submit your IBAN in LAZIODISU to get your scholarship amount deposited. Based upon the banks, they ask you the required documents, so I suggest you carry Documents like Codice Fiscale, Passport, Visa, Pan Card from India, and Permesso slip along with you

Reliable Source to Transfer Money to India

Although there are various money transfer websites are available in the market. TRANSFERGO is efficient in giving good exchange rate and fee for the transfer. It charges very less, in case if you want to transfer immediately or if you can wait for 1-2 days then the transfer is free of cost.

Claim your free transfer and £10, once you finish £50 minimum transfer.

Transferwise: This is also one of the sources to transfer money abroad. you can transfer immediately but charges a bit more.

Food Expenses

Cassino is a less expensive city when compared to other cities. And it costs around 50-100 euros per person and it depends on person to person habits which might include or exclude alcoholic costs.

Where you will find the list of Markets below.

  • IN’s
    • Students prefer this one since it is less expensive than all other markets. Mercato
    • Gross Supermercato
    • Conad
    • PAM
    • IVAN Minimarket (Punjab Shop)
      • You can find Indian spices and rice bags
    • Tudi Mercato

Amount to carry while coming to Italy

I suggest you carry an initial amount of 1500-2500 euros per person as an emergency until you get your scholarship in your bank account.

Useful APPS to Download

    • To know the train timings and schedule all over Italy.
    • You can also download the application in Android & ioS as well.
  • OMIO
    • To know the train, bus, flight details in one application.
    • You can also download the application in Android & ioS as well.

Last, all the details provided above are true to my knowledge.


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