Search of Destiny with Uncertainties

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I’m 27 and I feel like lost in the world in search of destiny, where we get 1000’s of job notifications, but we can’t find one and I should feel like “Jack of All  Trades & Master of None”. But something in my back of mind always pushing me hard not to give up.

Master of All Jack of None

Indeed, particular the jobs alerts which I get from LinkedIn was enormous and makes me confident enough not to lose any patience.

Somewhere around in the corner of our mind is deliberately bounded with many emotions and responsibilities which are most viable prey to our mind to run like anything in search of something to satisfy our lives.

Apart from emotions and responsibilities, everyone experiences a disease called “neighboring spy” our people have to think that whatever we do either good or bad should satisfy those neighbors else it doesn’t good. I don’t know why we have to think about those people in our own drama, satisfying them.

spy on people

Is this why we are living to satisfy them thinking that they will feel?

People have to realize that they are not going to feed us at the end of the day and You are responsible for your own destiny and not them. Whatever we are doing, we are doing it for our own sake.

In our society, we have one more strange disease is expecting a job on the day after completion of the degree.

Seriously! Are they joking?

In this era of living, people are in need of time to get the opportunity, say opportunity we got then we should be very hardworking, Say we are hardworking and talented then we should have Luck.  Say we are complete with all the above skills, the most important thing we need is “Reference or Recommendation”.

Accept it for god sake! This is true.

Because the way we proceeded to the next round of interview, things look awkward and make more deceiving thinking we are out the candidature.

And lastly, people who are out of wealth, luck, and reference will wait for the only thing by trying hard is valuable “Time”.

Although it doesn’t wait for us, we have to find some luck moving along with time. Because time is the only thing which is common to all since it won’t stop for anyone and for any reference.

In the meanwhile, our soul is entitled to many things, sometimes even a minor problem makes us move away from concentrating on many things. But I really appreciate who always supports or encourages us in small things. Real feeling is that we get support from people who are very new to us and not from the people we love sometimes.

According to me, we should wait for the time and meanwhile get prepared for everything since we need to hold that need, we are going to get in time.


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