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The more you are precise, then the more you are going to be effected by the people around you.

Indeed, you need to be very clear and don’t give a damn fuck to others bullshit talk behind you. Just finish of your things silently.

Since everyone is good at showing their own attitude with respective to time and situation. So it’s better to keep yours safely.

Most importantly, If you help people and they think that, you are doing it for some benefit, then simply ignore those talks. Since people who doesn’t have guts will have a gossips behinds you, and nothing more than that.

Indeed, you are good at something and they need a topic to talk, because they are jealous. 😂

But people doesn’t have any right to comment on someone’s life by taking it as granted, act maturely since we are human beings and think that one day someone will also do the same to you and where you can get to know the pain.

Human beings are not two headed externally, but some behave like two headed with their talks in-front of people. But somehow, one day you will regret for what you have done.

First, before taking a decision, learn to understand and think about it. Patience is the key to all these things. The more people talk about you in bad way then assume that you are always, one step ahead in many ways.

Be wise to the people who gives you the support, when you are in hard time.

Generally, one must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being.

-May Sarton


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