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I have a habit of watching movies more than normal sometimes. In such process, once I had a bad dream and I felt in reality that It was a dream indeed but I’m feeling it in real.

What is your feeling? If you get lost in your dreams and suddenly, you realize that you left your physical body and your “Ba” i.e your soul is somewhere and made you have that dream.

It’s called Astral Projection.

Which is Out of Body Experience by the soul.

This post doesn’t copied from somewhere but experienced by me.

As usual on some day I saw one movie and slept. And I had a dream in which I was crying badly because that either I lost something previous enough or Someone lost but in the both cases I lost something.

It causing me pain and made me cry long were tears was rolling from my eyes from long back and I felt the dryness of my tears and rolling out slowly.

But, wonder is that I woke up suddenly and the time ticking 7’O clock in the morning and may be my soul came back from the lost world I think.

Although the dream was not horrific,but I felt the astral projection since my soul was beside the thing which causing me pain.

Generally, this kind of astral projections stops when you forget about the things which causes you pain.

In that case, it takes time for some people to get rid of this situation.

So Just Chill!

Make your voice to follow the soul back to you physical body in dreams!

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