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Nowadays people are engaged to advanced technologies steering at sustainable homes. But, what makes this modular home so different from homes built on site by builders?

Many questions might be raised in your mind! But this technology has been spread to many developing countries and construction community started carving out the features bundled in this modular homes at affordable cost.

Modular Homes Vs Regular Homes:

It is a sustainable development for the construction industry since every module for the construction is built-in an indoor factory which the completed modules are kept under protection till it transferred to the building site. At each stage of the process, these modules are curated to standalone in unfavorable weather conditions. Once the site is ready to lay the modules, these will be transferred for laying on the pre-made foundation layout.

model of modular home construction step by step

Picture: Module Laying on Pre-Made Foundation.

All these modules are robust and designed and developed to defend in all kinds of conditions. And, people often can also design their modular home, however, you want. since not all the modular homes are same and varies in area, design & features based on the preference of the customer. and the time to construct the modular homes is very less compared to conventional constructions built on the site.

Although Modular homes resemble like regular homes it is entirely distinct from each other in cost & construction wise.

Modular Home Key Points:

  • These homes are more energy-efficient and reduce the heating and cooling solutions costs.
  • Targeted as an affordable housing segment in the construction industry.
  • Modules are manufactured inside the factory. – “Indoor Construction of Modules”
  • Efficient use and durable in all distinct weather conditions.

Whereas coming to the point of regular homes, people generally prefer regular homes in the construction industry, since these modular techniques are new to the industry.

Lack of awareness about these new constructions techniques.

Usually, To build a regular house it takes much time and cost-effective and also depends on weather conditions.

Since everything should be built outdoor and sometimes it gets delayed due to improper weather conditions. And it is not affordable to change the standard plan compared to the modular homes.

Sometimes it takes years to construct a house based on the area and the raw material available for the construction.

People tend to follow new techniques for the affordable solutions for the construction industry, utilizing modular home techniques to save the time, cost & to attain the sustainable development leading to smart cities.

Setting an example for the future sustainable development following new trends in the industry.

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