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Travel Diary -1 | Mount Pilatus-Luzern, Switzerland

We are unplanned and only had a thought of going to Mount Pilatus in Switzerland, Why only Pilatus, Just it’s random choice out in our mind.

Indeed, It was my first trip crossing out the border of Italy, Since I got a break after, I left my hectic job in the restaurant, Literally, it was typical namesake job with tough grind and my friends were new to Italy and decided to go somewhere.

The funny part here is we packed our bags and started figuring out for the transportation and finally we booked in Flixbus to Bellinzona. It was long night journey with a halt in Milan and we are shivering like anything and found a metro station beside to get rid of cold, we got our bus after an hour and we were in anxiety crossing the beautiful Alps, normally which we used to see in the movies and we are lively watching them and excited to get down and anyhow landed in Bellinzona, the city of beautiful castles.Bellinzona Beauty

Still, we need to cover lot more distance to reach our travel destination, Mount Pilatus massif. we are enjoying the early morning scenic views of Bellinzona and the castles in the gelid temperature of 11 degrees, we are moving slowly taking couples of snaps and went to a cafe to have some coffee since we badly need it else we could not resist.

Now, we got some caffeine energy flowing and moved to nearest SBB to make our reservation for Luzern by train. we enquired and cost to reach Mount Pilatus is really swirled us for a while and bit lost since it was huge money for us. But, somehow we got charged ourselves and decided to go on.

Truly, you can imagine when the trains are passing the nearby Alps and moving under the tunnels between “The Alps” was a crazy moment, it’s really mesmerizing us and put a smile on our faces.

We landed in Luzern and took a bus towards Kriens, where we have to catch wire car in order to reach the heights of Mount Pilatus. It was nearly 40 minutes journey to reach on to the top and we didn’t shut our mouth while we are in the cable car, since it’s our first ever adventure trip to such a famous place in the world, Just Imagine yourselves.

Cable Car Journey towards Alps

Could you imagine, we are at 2132 meters i.e 6994.7 feet from the ground, we are on top of Mount Pilatus. It was really an amazing feeling and we just felt like we are nearer to sky seeing the clouds very close. we really couldn’t resist and reached the complete top of it and raised our Flag.

Mount Pilatus Beautiful View

we should be a bit careful there since the floor will be very slippery and in the extreme temperature, our gadgets will die and it happened to me even though I have enough charge in my mobile.

Once we came back to the ground from the top of the Alps, we felt like it’s a worth to be here for the money we spent coming here. Still, we aren’t tired and we enjoyed the stay in Luzern by moving around.

it was the greatest feeling ever I had personally because I never had a thought of visiting this beautiful place in person, while only I had in my dreams.

Glimpse from the top of Pilatus

I really wish you all should visit this place once in your lifetime.




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