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All these 3 months, I was only concentrated doing SEO for the company’s website. Even I have enough to move around in the new city, but I liked doing SEO effectively, since I took it as a challenge assured my boss that I will show results before I finish my internship journey.

Yes! Indeed I showed him the results.

Seriously, I felt my passion towards Digital Marketing and Content Writing was enormous. I simply remembered that I disturbed myself only to do some essential things in the nature and in the remaining time only working on it. I never ever distracted or felt bored doing this Digital Marketing.

But, I can say one thing that, I also learned how to mingle with Multicultural team and the advantage we get working in startup is vital.

We can put our hand in many things to work on it and learn and enrich skills of yourself. And I also I learnt how to manage the tasks when we are handling the things with one hand.

Yes! Sometimes being yourself gives you more confidence than delegating your work to the team.

Doing internship in Multicultural environment fetches you the cultural experience and also practical learning experience where once after you a fetch a job you can make yourself adaptive to that environment again.

And, here Stuttgart probably I miss not because of the things in the city but especially the place I rented a flat; full of greenery view and wonderful scenery from my balcony.
This is the picture you are seeing the original picture captured by me.

rented flat enzstrasse

Enzstrasse 35 – Balcony View

I think now you people got to know I think.

Within these 3 months I have been to only couple of places like


 PorschePlatz – Stuttgart

I have been twice to this Porsche Museum and loved it. Although I’m not a cars lover. The architecture of the museum for which we will fall in love with; It’s mesmerizing interior design, lighting system, Integration of car models and although Porsche museum was smaller than the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Mercedes trip stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum

But I’m sure that car lovers will like the number of very old models with their existence in Benz Museum.

They put together complete old models in 8 levels of their building. And off course I do liked it.

Stuttgart is mainly exposed with many production and manufacturing companies and also adapted with more trees and parks in and around.

Parks are very large with  small lakes, I saw people usually coming there with their family and spending the time giving priority to the nature.

I have been to two parks – MineralBader & Max Eyth See.

Mineralbader park

MineralBader- Park

And here is the another park with big lake and full of ducks around

Max eyth see park

Max Eyth See- Lake Park

One more beauty is the natural fossils museum – Dinosaur & Insects

Dinosaur Museum

Museum at Lowentor

Since Stuttgart is like a production house with many companies around and full of greenery, I recommend this place to my friends who would like to visit and spend their time.



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