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In general people are more sophisticated and feels like they are attaches to their lives. But it’s not, they care more about others life than theirs. I don’t know why they care much.

People seems to be more professional these days externally, but some where around they get caught with their internal behavior which kills their respect and obedience by crying on others.

Just people have to remember blindly that, whenever you are talking about others means then truly they are beyond your ideas and capable of something and you feel jealous of it. That’s why you create a space to gossip on others.

I would suggest that rather-than thinking of others, it’s better to think of yourselves to achieve something.

Why because some people are more sensitive than you think. Sometimes even your small gossips might make big difference for them and some might not bother.

But before creating your own words, don’t forget that someone might also think the same about you in different ways.

According to me, I don’t care the words of people who talks behind me and only care about the people who is good in-front of me.

Different people have different mindsets to think. So, don’t take granted on someone’s life to talk about negative easily because think that someone will also assume the same about you.

Be good and caring with everyone to get benefitted in return. Even if you are not getting benefitted, don’t do anything bad for someone for god sake.

It’s not an imaginary story, indeed it’s a happening story everywhere. Be good with everyone to stay blessed.

One cannot guess when you can expect rate of goodness in return.

One can feel the pain only if you experience it solely.

Be obedient with people you talk or praise.

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