Free Education Europe

As expected and yes! Who offers free education in Europe? Many students are still in confusion, of course, I’m also one of the students in confusion at that time.

So, let’s make it clear about this topic

Everyone knows how expensive education will be in abroad. But, what if really for god sake, Universities offer free education for international students coming from around the world. Sounds good right.

Let’s dig into the topic further

Tuition Fee Waive Off

Thing is that Universities waive off the tuition fee for the students who apply for the scholarship in their respective region, and if the student wins the scholarship then only the student can enjoy the benefits of tuition-free waive off scheme or else it’s quite simply no.

And, One more important thing is it depends on the university, either they waive off the tuition completely and the student has to pay only a tax amount just like example [26 Euros]. But, some universities may waive off only half tuition fee


I’m talking about Italy now, Here every University falls under some regions and there where students have to apply for the scholarship after the respective authority releases scholarship notification probably once in a year.

For example theUniversity of Cassino and Southern Lazio based in Cassino, Italy

It falls under Lazio region and the authority who releases the notification is Laziodisu, Offcourse not only one university comes under this region but a couple of universities also falls under the same region and have to apply for a scholarship in their website.

In order to apply students has to submit required documents by checking the prerequisites from the website.

Documents like Income certificate, Family Composition, Property Certificate & Bank statement as on December 31st [year] according to the academic year applying.

Note: Documents list my change anytime, I request students to go through the website before applying within the deadline.

Although, this procedure repeats in the second year also but, further apart from the documents you should earn minimum required credits by passing the subjects, Inorder to eligible and apply for the scholarship.

If you failed to earn minimum credits then you will be paying a whole tuition fee as a mandatory.

Once the student wins the scholarship then based on the ranking, they might get accommodation on the university campus by deduction allocated amount, anyways it’s students option of choosing either to opt for the accommodation or not. Students who won’t opt for accommodation will get full scholarship indeed.

If you find the documentation procedure difficult and have no time to spend then, there are many educational consultancies are hanging, choose the best and get processed through them.

Coming to Expenses here

So, only tuition fee will be waived off but- conditions apply, depends on the university and region.

Remaining everything will be born by the students itself and of course which the tuition fee reduces the most of a headache.

But students should take care of their own accommodation and other extra circular spendings.

One more important thing is the local language if you want to settle down here in around Europe, you should at least have a grip on any of the local European language which gives you an added advantage apart from the English language.

So, you will be trying your luck after coming.

Be clear with the course you choose and once you secure the admission try to be in touch with the students in the facebook groups who belong to the same university to know more information.

Here is one of the educational site, where you can find multiple universities and course together, you can filter it out opt the best one.

So, put your maximum effort to get into a good university and benefit from it.


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