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So, what are the job opportunities once after you finish your graduation? No one predicts the answer to this question, until unless we do enough hard work and find one job.

This question always bothers for us in many ways.

I want to tell you something on the course we choose in our MSc, MBA, MS or any other programs.

First thing – Whatever the course we are going to choose, do select in such a way that, at least you should be capable enough to concentrate and fetch some knowledge on that course by the end of your program. Since a lot of competition strikes in the job market, we should be in a position to have the minimum cutoff percentage in order to get through the first phase, if any criteria set by the company.

Apart from that, Knowledge and skills we secure should be very important and try to maximize the skills in different sectors rather than being like a single skilled person. So that you will be in a sustainable position by giving competition.


This is the most important phase in your study cycle and plays a crucial role. Where you can expose yourself to international work culture and environment, On the other hand, you can learn many things on board while doing an internship.


There are lot of websites, where you can apply for internships globally: Below are the couple of them

Try to do 6 months of Internship, where company sometimes count it as worthful, gaining a minimum exposure to the company’s products or service while you are in the job role it justifices you.

Job Opportunities:

So, this is going to be a major part, where sometimes we came across many sleepless nights thinking of it.

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First of all, update your resume in Euro pass format and write a good covering letter, put on all your skills; One more important thing is “Local Language”, Since in Europe almost every country has its own language so, take it granted that you should be familiar with at least one language to gain the advantage, Although you are very fluent in English.

Off course, No wonder even if you fetch a job based on your English language also but not sure.

But, better if we prepare our self for good insights, it will be useful for us anytime and should be very confident and be positive always. Try and try until luck and hard work favors.

These networks are useful if you are doing a job search – Try your luck

One can also follow LinkedIn job network and any groups with job updates.

Motivate yourself than discouraging gives you positive vibes which makes you move forward.




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