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Conservation of Nature is not a new thing, which I’m going to depict here in this post.

But it is one that came to my mind randomly. Indeed, It’s my pleasure to write something about this kind of topic.

So Trees, Water, Air, Pollution, and Health – Everyone knows that how these are interlinked in nature and by affecting trees among these leads to influence one another, and it’s all coming from ages by nature.

We are aware that we cannot articulate everything by doing plantation from now and expecting the climate to reset as without any global warming effects. Indeed, we can hope is that at least it helps in reducing the impact of climate conditions.

Just like we all heard a saying called
“Prevention is Better than Cure”

We have to accept the truth that Trees not only acts as the curator of climate but also gives shelter and medication for the world.

Some of the known facts about trees, which can save the environment in many ways.

  • It absorbs many impure gases like CO2, sulfur from the air and releases oxygen for people and whole beings.
  • It acts as a shelter for wildlife, such as birds and other animals.
  • It provides food for wildlife, keeping the ecosystem healthy.
  • It improves human life balance giving the shade in Urban areas by reducing noises.
  • It keeps soil healthy with nutrients.

Although, there are many facts which are yet to know about the conservation and above are only little-known facts.

Since from the ages to now, people cut down the many trees to make use of land by different construction by forgetting the further causes to the ecosystem.

According to the research says that One large tree can absorb CO2 and can produce oxygen for four people a day.

So taking into count that we have to plant millions of trees to save the environment, which indeed keeps many habitats lives safe and healthy.

Since the greenhouse effect is the major issue and to prevent that we have to take strict actions by planting trees, mostly it is essential in urban areas to reduce the pollutions and gives the green ecosystem to save the lives from affecting.

To make our lives safe, healthy and sustainable.
We need to plant a tree or Stop Breathing the dangerous gases.

In this world, we have an enormous population, and even if we raise our voice and makes planting activity in all schools or colleges, then the results will be tremendous and further, it will be a vision to everyone to make it has a habit to conserve trees.

Conservation in our hands. Start planting and Go green.
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