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All my days are vanishing and I pretends like I’m going forward with the calendar, but at the end of the day, when I remember the things happened, then I myself without my notice going back to the world of sorrow.

All my hard-work going in-vain and ultimately I will be a bad person without any proper reason.

But I’m I doing anything wrong and hurting people? According to my knowledge I’m not.

Literally, I’m spending my day on something thinking that it could help in my near future when I’m in need of it either directly or indirectly.

And it hurts when the person I admire most or likes most shows finger on me even though I’m not involved in hurting the people.

The most I trying to come out of something irresistible and the worse I’m going back in to it. I really feel pity on myself sometimes.

I knew I have good friends and well-wishers, but when I’m alone and all these things are bombarding my mind.

I always feel that night time is the best time for me to think, to feel, to write, to be emotional, to cry, and to recollect memories. But guys! You are always a loner at some point.

Now, I felt like I was in July 2017, feeling the same disturbance that caused to me.

All these days I thought those days were gone! But not exactly, it came in another way to hurt me badly.

I can do only one thing is to become emotional and teary.

Anyways! I feel like this kind of story is routine for me.


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