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Indian Bloggers: 18% GST from 1st July: YES or NO?I hope this post clears all doubts. ๐Ÿ™‚

As per section 24 of the Central GST Act, every person who is earning any income from outside the state or outside the country is required to get GST registration.

Small dealers/service providers who generate their income from WITHIN state have an exemption limit of 20 lakh pa. But this is NOT APPLICABLE for bloggers who are generating income from OUTSIDE STATE.


For No Registration โ€“ Up to Rs.25,000

For no return filing โ€“ Rs.100 per return per day.


Before proceeding, Take a Note of this thing:

Service Provider: YOU, the blogger.

What service you are providing: Showing Ads on your site, or writing a sponsored article etc.

Who is the recipient of service: The Advertiser who pays you, Google Adsense, other companies that approach you for a Sponsored Posts etc.


GST is NOT required for these bloggers:

If the service provider’s (blogger’s) place of residence is India, and the recipient of the service is located outside India, and the payment is in foreign currency. This is to be considered as ‘Export of Services’ under GST, and NO TAX will be levied. However, you may need to Register for GST and prove that you are providing services abroad and get exempted. 

GST is REQUIRED for these bloggers:

If the recipient of service is located inside taxable territories of India 

If the address / billing address, credit card / debit card used to pay you, IP Address of the device used, Bank Account used to pay etc are within India, then you are required to pay GST.



So, Bloggers, kindly check your AdSense Accounts and see your latest payment receipt. If the payment address of Google is of Singapore, then you NEED NOT PAY GST.

If you are accepting payments from PayPal, then you NEED NOT PAY GST. Because PayPal only allows us to accept payments from abroad, and it comes in foreign currency and gets converted to our local currency.

If you are accepting payments from any Indian Client, individual or any company, then you are REQUIRED TO PAY GST. But if its within your state, then you have an exemption limit of 20 lakh pa.

These rules above only apply for Bloggers who are accepting payments from Advertisers, Sponsors etc, India and Abroad. ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for reading. I hope this clears all doubts. Do share it with other bloggers :

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