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Behind the Story

For Everyone there must be a story, which changes all of sudden to a point of sequence.
Mahesh Kumar


First Impressions! But Why? – Just go through it;

2011- Bachelor of Technology  in Electronics & Communications Engineering

  • According to the Major Subject – Worked as Trainee Electrical Engineering

Later – Joined as Business Development Associate; But, the I came out with Multiple results.

  • I met Rudra & Abhishek(Anna-Brother) in 2015.

I never knew that I would come out with such sequence which will meet at some point.

                It was Digital Marketing & Content Writing.

Digital Marketing:

I want to talk about Rudra here- He was Marvelous Gem in Digital Marketing,  It was the only couple of months, we had a direct communication and taught me brilliance (DM) and But I never expected at that time, It would lead me to stick to that role and my interest in that subject never let me go away because of his utmost interest and made me learn those DM techniques from Rudra.

Content Writing:

I always thought writing is a major task and I never tried writing content for any topics. It was just like a magical hit; one day I wrote a small content of 200 words and showed it to my brother Abhishek; I was wondering whether he was pushing me into heaven in positive or negative way down.

But, I understood that I have to improve my content from zero to beta, and I realized that he encouraged me with full support. Then on I didn’t stop writing with small, and those writings were evaluated by him.

                He used to say worst content, I never saw in my life; Go write more and more.

There, I go started blog and pushing my content with great learning experience from him.

Now both became my profession, which indeed these guys turned me into this profession. They are my guru’s.

Here how I am working was Digital Marketing Consultant & Content Writer for Insell GmbH currently.

Apparently, I’m pursuing my MSc Global Economy and Business in Italy.

This is all about myself how I started my career which is not related to my Bachelor’s & My works always dedicated to them.

Thanks a lot, both of you.

Mahesh Kumar


Rudra Bandaru
Rudra Bandaru

Lead IT - India

Sr.Digital Marketing Manager/Consultant

Mahesh Kumar

Insell GmbH - Germany

SEO Consultant & Content Writer

Abhishek Sagar
Abhishek Sagar

Leonia - India

Head - Content Wizard Expert

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